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When Will I Get My Driver’s License Back After a DWI?

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One of the worst punishments for a DWI or DWAI is the suspension or revocation of your license. Most of us need a driver’s license to get around, and being without one for any period of time can be a major inconvenience. This is why you should hire a Queens DUI lawyer from our firm when you are charged. We can help you develop a defensive strategy and we will do our best to help you beat these charges.

How Long Can My Driver’s License Be Taken Away For After a DWI Conviction?

Even a first-time offender can end up getting their driver’s license suspended after a DWI or DWAI conviction. The state could take your license away for at least six months. If you had a particularly high blood alcohol content or if someone was hurt due to your actions, your driving privileges could be revoked for even longer.

Drivers who are being convicted for a second or third time can face even more severe punishments, including high fines or lengthy jail sentences. Additionally, your driver’s license can be revoked for one year, 18 months, or even longer.

Is There a Difference Between Suspension and Revocation of My Driver’s License?

A suspension means that your license has been taken away for a certain period of time. Sometimes this is a finite period, but in other situations you may have your driver’s license suspended until you do something in particular. You can have your license suspended after a drunk driving incident or if you break other rules of the road, like foregoing the mandatory liability insurance coverage for your vehicle.

A revocation of your driver’s license essentially goes one step further. Your license has been outright canceled. You must have approval from the DMV to get another one. This usually requires waiting out your revocation period and could also require you to pay a civil penalty fee. You may also need to take the driving tests over again.

Should I Hire a Defense Attorney?

Having a defense attorney by your side while you fight these charges is wise. Your lawyer will do their best to find holes in the prosecution’s case. They will protect your rights and fight to get any evidence against you thrown out. The best way to avoid having your driver’s license suspended or revoked is to beat the DWI charge. Our lawyers will do everything that they can to help you achieve that goal.

Schedule Your Consultation With Our Legal Team

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