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What Are the Penalties For Cocaine Possession in NY?

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Getting caught with even a small amount of drugs can result in heavy punishments in New York. The state takes drug charges seriously, and the prosecutor is going to be ready to throw everything that they can at you if they believe that they have a convincing case. This is why you should talk to a Queens drug crime lawyer about your case. We cannot make any promises, but the lawyers at our firm will do their best to help you avoid the harshest penalties for cocaine possession.

What Factors Can Affect the Penalties for Cocaine Possession?

The main factor affecting the penalties for cocaine possession is how much of it you have. Possessing a small amount could mean a misdemeanor charge and a fine, while possessing a larger amount could result in felony charges and decades in prison.

If you possess any amount of cocaine, you are looking at a potential fine of up to $1,000 and a prison sentence of up to a year. If you possess more than 500 milligrams, that could result in punishments like a $5,000 fine or up to seven years in prison. The penalties can continue to grow harsher as more and more of the controlled substance is involved.

The worst situation to be in is one in which the police and the state believe you to be a seller or distributor. When you possess a certain amount of cocaine, it is assumed that it is not all for your personal use. You must be looking for buyers. If you are accused of trafficking or distribution, you absolutely should retain a lawyer and figure out your next steps.

How Can I Avoid Harsh Penalties for Cocaine Possession?

To avoid these severe penalties for cocaine possession, you are going to need to find a defensive strategy that creates reasonable doubt. You need to show that the prosecution’s case against you is not as airtight as it might initially seem.

Your lawyer can look at the specific circumstances of your case and figure out the best strategy. It may be possible to claim that the drugs were not yours. Or maybe the cops did find drugs, but it was during an illegal search of your home or vehicle. An experienced defense attorney from our firm can help you protect your civil rights and get evidence thrown out if the state did not do things by the book.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you are facing serious drug charges, you need to take them seriously. That means exploring all of your legal options and finding the attorney who is right for you. So contact Vasiliou Law and schedule a free consultation with our team. We can tell you more about what we can do to be of assistance.

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