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What Are the Best Defenses Against a False Accusation of Child Abuse?

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Being falsely accused of criminal activity is a stressful thing, but you have to be careful about how you handle any allegation. You have to be especially careful about how you deal with a false accusation of child abuse. This is not just a crime that could carry hefty penalties like jail time, but such a charge could irreversibly damage your reputation as well. A Queens domestic violence lawyer from our firm can help you figure out the best way to respond to a false accusation and defend your rights.

What Are Some Strategies for Defending Against a False Accusation?

When you are defending against a false accusation of child abuse, there are a few ways to contest the allegation and make a case for your innocence. Common strategies include:

Talking about an accuser’s credibility: If the person accusing you of child abuse is lying or has been manipulated into making this charge against you, your lawyer may be able gather evidence and show that. You can use evidence like social media posts, text messages, and any other correspondence that could show another motivation or an outright plan to lie.

Address the evidence: If the evidence against you is not particularly strong or convincing, that can work in your favor. Look into the investigation, the cops and social workers involved, and how evidence was gathered. Are there holes or gaps in the investigation? Are there any reasons why someone involved would have a bias against you? Your lawyer can help you take a closer look and show how even a seemingly powerful piece of evidence is not so damning after all.

What Should I Avoid When Accused of Child Abuse?

You have to address this false accusation in the proper way. Going after the accuser can backfire on you. We recommend hiring an attorney and handling all communications through them. This can make you less likely to say something that could be used against you in a criminal or civil case.

Do I Need an Attorney to Contest a False Accusation?

It can be difficult to defend against charges like these on your own. An experienced defense attorney can tell you more about how you should approach your case and what you can do to get a more favorable outcome. They can also:

  • Ensure that your civil rights are protected throughout the judicial process
  • Interview witnesses who can portray you in a positive light
  • Get evidence against you thrown out
  • Negotiate a plea deal if necessary
  • Have charges against you dismissed if possible

An attorney cannot guarantee a specific outcome, but you can be sure that we are ready to advocate for you at every step of the way.

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When you are dealing with a false accusation of child abuse, you cannot leave anything to chance. You should have an experienced defense attorney by your side. So contact Vasiliou Law and schedule your consultation with our team today.

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